The Parlex Group, which was founded in 1971, is comprised of one member firm of qualified lawyers from each Western European country.

The Group provides a prompt, reliable and professional service, sensitive to local circumstances. Those in need of legal expertise are usually referred by one Parlex member to another, but instructions can be given direct.

The nature of the Parlex Group is such that it is particularly well suited to provide pan European legal advice swiftly and effectively.

It is a rule of the Group that Parlex matters are always given priority. Costs are charged direct at the rates appropriate in each country. English is the common language.

Members of the Parlex Group meet annually to discuss matters of professional interest, and to renew the personal friendship and trust which has developed over the last twenty five years and is the foundation of the Group's effectiveness.

The Group registered as the first European Economic Interest Group (EEIG) in England in 1989, and comprises full and associate members.